Focus on accessibility

For the start of the new decade I have a new small project to announce. If you read my German WordPress newsletter WP Letter regularly, you might have noticed that I am always including articles about accessibility.

That’s no coincidence, as I am particularly interested in the accessibility of the web in general and of WordPress in particular.

Catching Attention

But because accessibility is still far too often ignored or at best poorly treated even in 2020, I would now like to proclaim the topic month of accessibility in January.

What does that mean? I invite bloggers, podcast hosts, businesses and other creative professionals to not take a look at accessibility, but to write and talk about it throughout the month.

Not a entirely new Idea

In a similar form, I did something like this in October 2015. At that time, everything revolved around backups for a month and the participating authors were mentioned weekly in the WP Letter.

The approach has proven successful, so this month’s Letter will again be a central contact point for all interested parties. But all contributions to the topic will also be found on Twitter – simply by using the hashtag #FocusAccessibility.

Join in

I have already contacted individual people from the WordPress community directly, but the whole thing is meant to be an open event, everybody can join in and contribute an article, a podcast episode or a video.


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