We saved wpSEO, we just don’t know it yet.

Anyone who asked me for a good SEO plugin for WordPress in 2015 got a definite answer within a split second: wpSEO, the paid plugin by Sergej Müller. After Sergej’s departure however, the slow death of the plugin began. The solution for an effective further development of the plugin is very simple.


In the time after Sergej’s departure from the community, there was a lot of movement. The free plugins from his portfolio were added to the Pluginkollektiv. The group still takes care of the plugins today – albeit in a slightly different composition. The WP Letter (German), Sergej’s free WordPress newsletter, found a new home with me and is (almost always) published regularly today.

wpSEO was in an uncertain state for a long time. It was established as a paid plugin on the German market and available as a lifetime license for a low double-digit amount. Sergejs engagement in updates and most of all in support was more than worth the money. When it was finally clear that a quite well known SEO person from Germany would take over the further maintenance of wpSEO, I – and many others with me – was first cautiously optimistic.

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Of plants and little plants

It took, believe it or not, 10 years working with (and on) WordPress before I was able to overcome this step. My own plugin in the WordPress.org directory. So it’s about time we talked about “Impressum”.

On a cold day at the end of October 2017 my good friend Matze and I sat together in Stuttgart and had the crazy idea. Let’s “simply” develop a little WordPress plugin. In theory, it sounded relatively easy: a plugin that gets an imprint generator directly into the WordPress backend. But already after a short time it turned out: something like this can either be programmed quickly or correctly, we decided for the latter and in the past half year we have spent a day or two working and several glasses of Mate, Red Bull and Gin on the plugin.

Show and Tell

But before I get into the history of origins for too long, we’d better get straight to the point. The plugin bears the simple name Impressum and can be downloaded from the WordPress.org directory or imported directly via Plugins > Install in the WordPress backend.

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Your data protection sucks – spam protection in times of the GDPR

The new European General Data Protection Regulation is on everyone’s lips these days. Hardly any customer conversation can do without the ominous letter combination. Was it GDRP, GRPD or GDPR? Not important at all, from May 25th you should be serious about data protection, and that’s a good thing.

Those who now expect concrete instructions from me will be disappointed by the following contribution. I am sufficiently informed on the topic to bring my WordPress installations, those of friends, acquaintances and customers to terms until May 25th, but my interest is not sufficient to punish myself by reading law texts and to chew the whole thing up here again. Others can do better. I want to write about a single WordPress plugin that currently appears in many articles: Antispam Bee.

Antispam Bee is one of the plugins that are maintained and developed by a group called “Pluginkollektiv”. The Pluginkollektiv consists of WordPress developers who have set themselves the goal of maintaining the excellent plugins by Sergej Müller and keeping them in the best possible condition for the many hundreds of thousands of users. Small disclaimer: I myself belong to the Pluginkollektiv, so in the following I am not only an uninvolved third party.

The trick in Antispam Bee – like in all plugins of the collective: it is designed from the beginning with German and European data protection in mind and today therefore offers the perfect solutions for all, whom want to make their websites somewhat more compliant with GDPR.

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Le Meetup c’est moi

With the founding of the WP Meetup Frankfurt at the end of 2012, a new chapter in my life has begun. From the first small group meetings to the most recent meetings with dozens of visitors, I haven’t missed a single one of the 62 Meetups. But now it’s time for some changes.

About Meetups

WordPress Meetups are local meetings of users, developers and anyone who is somehow interested in the open source content management system WordPress. For the past five years, as an active member of the local community in Frankfurt, I have organised such a meeting every month.

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Ten Years Later

Ten years ago I set up my first website with the help of a content management system. After some research I decided to use Joomla. But already after one week the whole thing was history again. Because I was not was not as aware of the importance of passwords at the time, interesting Viagra advertisements found their way onto the site overnight. The blame for this problem is certainly not with Joomla to look for. But I was nevertheless demotivated and made me on the search for another CMS.

And so at noon on January 8th, 2008, I finally arrived at a small but fine system called WordPress.

Trial and Error

What one forgets as a die-hard user of a system (not only CMS, but also operating systems, text editors, etc.) is how difficult the first steps can be. Once you’ve climbed the tree, the way up seems quite clear, but from below there are countless ways. And because 2008 wasn’t that much documentation yet and WordPress itself wasn’t at the level we had the pleasure to experience in recent years, my personal first steps were difficult.

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