Speak and talk (a lot) about it

During my school days, I was crazy about giving presentations. In the almost 200 years that have passed since then, I have almost completely lost this enthusiasm and only rediscovered it this year. Now the whole thing turns to the other extreme: I’m marauding through the German-speaking WordPress community.

I’m not quite sure how that happened. In any case, it certainly wasn’t a deliberate decision. Suddenly, some other Meetup Organizers asked if I would like to come over and tell something about Topic X or Y. I was sure that I would be able to do that. Apparently, that’s all I needed to get me back to speaking.

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Let’s get this blog started

This blog has probably moved more often in the last 7 years than I could have written in it. But this time the move is due to a happy fact: I bought a new domain. Once again.

We are talking about simon.blog. Since my first name is not one of the most unusual ones and I’m allowed to share my last name with a food company, I haven’t been able to enjoy a simple first or last name domain yet. When the .blog domains finally started, I was faster than my namesakes, paid a hefty pre-registration fee, and now I’m forced to fool around with this new adress I suddenly own.

So the blog I had previously on simonkraft.de now lives here – the old domain becomes a simple “About me” page and my photo stream and a small geolocation experiment (discontinued by 2019) are placed a bit more prominently – all four pages will share a single navigation.

But a moving a new blog would not be complete without a redesign. This time I decided to create a completely new design, which will also be used on all four pages and which I will talk about in detail at some point in the future.