A breath of fresh air for the German WooCommerce community

It’s time for new impulses in the German WooCommerce community. After more than two years of pandemic and many standstills, we want to start a new Meetup. Since I started the first German-speaking WooCommerce Meetup in Frankfurt in 2016, the world has changed, and so has WooCommerce.

WooCommerce has grown tremendously as a tool for the independent sale of goods and services, has secured considerable market share, and has accumulated a veritable ecosystem of extensions.
So the number of users, developers, and agencies making a living with Woo is growing steadily, yet many areas still lack exchange among these groups. In the larger WordPress community, local meetups are an essential link between different groups. Around WooCommerce, however, Germany’s Meetup culture has not been able to gain a foothold.

With our new Meetup in Karlsruhe, we want to achieve exactly that and establish new contacts between all participants as an anchor of the regional community. But for those not from Karlsruhe and the surrounding area, there’s no reason to drop this post now. We have planned our monthly Meetups as actual hybrid events from the very beginning. Thus, we will deliver as much Meetup experience as possible to all external participants in their living rooms, offices, or at the beach. Those who join us online will have opportunities to interact with participants on-site and with the presenters. This means that we are also well prepared for any pandemic-related interruptions in the winter.

We’ll kick things off in September with a casual roundtable around WooCommerce extensions. For the following meetings, we plan to have two talks each. One of these slots will have space for WooCommerce basics – A series of short talks will explain the setup and operation of a WooCommerce store. The second slot will be available for more advanced topics and presenting interesting projects and extensions. The two respective topics should set interesting accents for beginners and advanced attendees. The Meetups are explicitly open to all disciplines. The talks will be recorded, and there will be plenty of time for networking, questions, and exciting conversations before and after the presentation slots.

Our first meetup is scheduled for September 21, 2022, at 7 p.m. We are grateful to have IONOS as our venue sponsor. The meetup’s primary language will be German. More information and registration links are available at Meetup.com.


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